Critical Thinking


This course focuses on the essence of critical thinking concepts and tools. The course provides examples of how individuals can use these techniques to improve their performance in any environment. The generic skills apply to all subjects and are used to help critical thinkers obtain clarity as to the purpose at hand, question information, conclusions and points of view. Critical thinking tools also aid participants in learning to strive to be clear, accurate, precise and relevant; by going beyond the surface into logic and fairness.

Instructional methods include lectures, discussions, and practical exercises.

  • Why Critical Thinking
  • The Elements of Thought
  • A Checklist for Reasoning
  • Questions Using the Elements of Thought
  • Criteria for Evaluating Reasoning
  • Universal Intellectual Standards
  • Analyze the Logic of Articles & Textbooks
  • The Problem of Egocentric Thinking
  • Intellectual Traits
  • A Template for Problem-Solving
  • A Checklist for Assessment
  • What Critical Thinkers Routinely Do
  • Stages of Critical Thinking Development