Customer Service for Telephone & Email


This course addresses the effective use of today's communication technology for email and telephones; and focuses on proper etiquette and communications in providing excellent customer service. This course emphasizes the use of appropriate, business-like language in all electronic and telephonic communications. In doing so, the employee and the organization benefit by incorporating a professional customer service posture that will limit their liability and improve the overall effectiveness of the individual and the organization's email and telephonic communications processes.

The course addresses email and telephone etiquette and defines the rules for electronic and telephonic messages and communications.  

Instructional methods include lectures, discussions, and interactive practical exercises.

  • Understanding the Email Challenge
  • Getting to the Point; Talking to the Reader
  • Writing Clear, Concise Email that Get Attention & Results
  • Benefits of Excellent Service
  • Conveying Professional Image with Communication Tools
  • Five Principles of Quality Customer Service
  • The ‘Netiquette’ Guide to Communicating Online
  • Dealing with Irate Customers
  • Twenty Telephone Etiquette Rules
  • Case Studies