Decision Making


This course takes the student through the entire process of making good, effective decisions, from initial deliberation to final implementation. It is suitable for anyone make work-related choices, whether they are new to decision-making or seasoned managers. Elements such as generating ideas, forecasting, accessing risks, and dealing with personnel issues are included along with a self-assessment which allows the student to judge his/her own decision-making abilities.

Instructional methods include lectures, discussions, and practical exercises.

  • Defining Decisions
  • Identifying Decision-Making Styles
  • Knowing the Culture
  • Analyzing your Responsibility
  • Identifying Issues
  • Developing Creative Thinking
  • Forecasting the Future
  • Reaching a Decision
  • Minimizing Risks
  • Developing a Plan
  • Implementing a Decision
  • Building on Decisions
  • Assessing your Ability