This course provides an overview of leadership and the understanding of core skills and personal attributes needed to be an effective, responsible and empowering leader. In addition, the student will explore and clarify their own personal values and attributes as they assess their own leadership qualities. This course will show the student how to gain trust and commitment along with practical techniques for use in handling problems, encouraging others, and inspiring excellence. Simple tools and aids for handling a variety of leadership situations, including communication, coaching, using authority, delegating, developing individuals and teams, and conflict resolution. It also provides an opportunity for participants to evaluate their own leadership effectiveness and design a customized action plan to enhance their current leadership capabilities.  

Instructional methods include lectures, discussions, and practical exercises.

  • Defining Great Leaders Characteristics
  • Understanding Leadership Nemesis
  • Clarifying Personal Values
  • Building Credibility, Trust & Leading Others
  • Improving Your Effectiveness
  • Inspiring Excellence
  • Leadership Action Plan