This course explains the principles of the negotiation and reaching an agreement through the process of bargaining. The course defines the concepts of the exchange process and provides the student with skills and confidence to conduct negotiations and achieve a mutually acceptable outcome. It is designed for easy implementation and covers the entire process from preparation to closing a deal. It includes essential advice on devising a strategy, how to make concessions, what to do when negotiations break down and how to make use of third parties to resolve deadlocks and conflict.

Instructional methods include lectures, discussions, and practical exercises.

  • Defining  Negotiation
  • Preparing for a Negotiation
  • Understanding the Principle of Exchange
  • Creating the Right Atmosphere
  • Conducting a Negotiation
  • Making the Proposal
  • Responding to a Proposal
  • Strengthening your Position
  • Choosing How to Close
  • Closing a Negotiation
  • Using a Mediator
  • Going to Arbitration
  • Self Assessment